Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation at NIHP Durham

    Why Corrective Exercise?

    There are many health and sports performance reasons why corrective exercise or sports therapy is important for you.

    Your goal may be anything from alleviating pain to enhancing your athletic ability and you can achieve this through therapeutic exercise. Some of clients have reported the following benefits:

    • Alleviating back, shoulder, neck and knee pain
    • Rehabilitating sports injuries
    • Preventing re-occurrence of injuries
    • Optimising posture
    • Enhancing movement
    • Increasing strength and sports performance
    • Weight Management
    • Preventative health care

    Who should do Corrective Exercise?

    Due to the physical demands of our jobs, sports and daily activities in general, we can all benefit from some corrective work to create balance in the body.

    However, Corrective Exercise and Sports Therapy is most important for getting back to function following pain or injury and in preventing further problems.

    Using carefully designed individual-specific exercise programs, the aim is to identify, correct and enhance – see below for more details…

    What does it involve?

    Jack Walton - Corrective Exercise and Functional Trainer This is the key to your success in getting out of pain and enhancing your function:

    • Postural Analysis
    • Muscle Strength Testing
    • Flexibility Assessment
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Core Function Testing
    • Body Composition Measurement

    One-to-One Therapy Program
    You will be coached through your individualized corrective exercise program during personal one-to-one sessions. This can involve core conditioning, scientific back training, strength training, functional movements, corrective stretching and postural exercises.

    Home Program
    Your program will be designed so that it is suitable to be carried out at home, at your gym or purely on a one-to-one basis.

    Monitoring and Re-Assessment is an essential part of the process. Such a detailed and high quality approach to exercise is quite unique and ensures optimal results.

    Your Corrective & Rehab Specialists

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    Corrective Exercise Coaching and Rehabilitation provides a means of improving posture, alignment, strength, flexibility and as a result freeing the body from injury and pain.

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