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    What is the Bowen Technique?

    Bowen Technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy provided at the Northern Integrative Health Practice in Durham that does not use adjustment or manipulation to gain results.

    Your Bowen Technique therapist combines a series of anatomically placed moves to ensure that the connective tissue which surrounds all organs and muscles in the body is relaxed and the muscles are working in the correct combination and length. With the structure balanced, function will follow.

    The Bowen Technique is anatomically one of the most fascinating bodywork therapies available. Where the focus is often on full contact from a therapist to a patient whether it is an adjustment, massage, manipulation, muscle stretching or machines.

    Bowen Technique focuses on something much more subtle – the brain’s ability to sort out its own problems and functional errors with the correct cues.


    Best nights sleep for weeks!

    Following my Bowen Technique treatment last night, I wanted to let you know I woke up this morning feeling ready to get straight up and face the day after the best nights sleep I’ve had for several weeks… and no cramp or creaks as I got up either!

    Thank you! I feel like I’ve got my life back properly!

    Alison Blackburn

    Bowen Technique treatment in Durham


    How does the Bowen Technique work?

    Your Bowen Technique practitioner will make gentle non-invasive moves across very particular areas of muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue aiming to carefully trigger particular nerve endings.

    These nerve endings are involved with the tension of muscles which hold us in correct alignment.

    When this function is compromised by physical injury, poor posture, emotional injury or constant stress, symptoms often follow. These can range from a “bad back”, stiffness, actual joint injury, headaches, asthma, irritable bowel, whiplash and many others.

    Bowen Therapy connects the brain directly to the area of a problem and allows an assessment of the tension in a specific muscle and surrounding tissue.

    When the work is left for periods of rest whereby the practitioner may occasionally leave the room to allow the body to respond, re-balancing and re-aligning itself. This immediate relaxation of a muscle is often seen in clinic and can create relief in a very short period of time.

    The practitioner’s skill is knowing which muscles and tendons to treat to create the landslide response that brings back function; rather like following a piece of string back through the forest to home, or knocking down a row of dominoes.

    Download The Little Book of Bowen for more ‘technical’ information.

    Bowen Technique treatment in Newcastle


    How will Bowen help me?

    Our personal experience shows that Bowen can often help with:

    • neck pain
    • back pain
    • shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
    • hip, knee and ankle pain
    • sport or work related injuries
    • tension induced problems
    • general relaxation and body balancing
    • promotion of health and well-being


    After 4 sessions I feel great. No Pain.

    When I first came to the NIHP for Bowen Technique, I was sceptical. How could something so non-intrusive and subtle be of any use, particularly when I’d been in such a lot of pain for almost half a year?

    Bowen Technique TreatmentWithin a week, my pain had lessened by half. After two sessions, for the first time in 5 months I had days where I forgot about my back, my leg and the ailment that had kept me from enjoying my life for so long. After 4 sessions, I feel great. No pain, not even any stiffness.

    Apart from the treatment itself, the friendly manner in which advice is given makes the best experience I’ve had of health treatment by far. And believe me, I’ve tried everything.

    J Kennedy (47), Durham


    Bowen resolved my back pain

    Welcoming and helpful reception staff. Friendly personal service – people listen!

    Bowen treatments have resolved my back pain and immobility problems caused through a number of unfortunate falls and twists over the years. Also lymph flow has improved and swelling eased in my underlying chronic lymphodema condition.

    I am massively grateful that I discovered Bowen and NIHP. I unreservedly recommend the service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Kim B. (57), Sunderland


    I was amazed at the difference

    I have suffered from back pain for a lot of years now and I was taking morphine for it. I was finding that I was having to take a number of pills throughout the day to ease the pain.

    Since I started Bowen treatment I haven’t taken any pills through the day and find my overall movement has improved, much more enjoyable on walks. I was amazed at the difference it has made even after the third session.

    J Coltherd (66), Durham


    Your Bowen Therapists in Durham

    Joanne Hewitt is your Bowen Therapist in Durham
    Joanne Hewitt

    Trevor Rutherford is your Bowen Therapist in Durham
    Trevor Rutherford


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    Bowen involves a series of rolling moves over muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves which sends neurological impulses to the brain. This is followed by short periods of rest to allow the body to respond; rebalancing and realigning itself.

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