9th October 2014

Office Chair Exercises

Have you thought about office chair exercises? It doesn’t matter whether you are in that office chair at home or at work… Our body isn’t built […]
8th October 2014

Back Pain Choices

Back pain can really make your life miserable and preoccupy every thought in a busy life. The medications are fantastic for pain relief but this is […]
9th September 2014

Change your experience of pain

Are you searching for a gentle way to change your experience of pain? The Bowen Technique is a non-invasive and established approach to you as a […]
28th April 2014

Time to spring forward

Over a quarter of the year has passed, nearly four months have flown by. Those days have just disappeared, gone forever, no getting them back. Did […]
15th February 2013
Older lady bending down while gardening

Avoid Gardening Aches & Pains

The gardening season is about to start and with it for many people the “achy back” season!   What can you do to prevent back ache? […]
17th December 2012
NIHP Durham

Core Functioning Exercises: Part 1

Built in Stabilisers If we can appreciate that certain muscle groups have specific functions, then we can understand the function of the core muscles. Whilst the […]
17th December 2012
Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tex Tape

Kinesio Tex Tape is the coloured tape all the champions seem to love. But does its work and how? I just recently came back from the […]
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