18th November 2014

Why choose Massage therapy?

What Does Massage therapy treat and; What kind of conditions and injuries does Massage therapy treat? Massage therapy melts away stress and tension, relieving associated headaches […]
28th October 2014

Boot Camp & Cross Fit

I was recently asked the following question: You talk a lot about movement. Do you agree with boot camps/ cross fit as these are all movement […]
14th October 2014

Let’s Talk Shoulders

After attending a great neck and shoulder event at the Northern Integrative Health Practice (NIHP) in Durham recently, a lot of thoughts came rushing to my […]
10th October 2014

Considering Chronic Back Pain Surgery?

If you’re considering chronic back pain surgery you’ve most certainly stopped to ask yourself, “is surgery the best approach for chronic back pain? Last year, approximately […]
9th October 2014

Office Chair Exercises

Have you thought about office chair exercises? It doesn’t matter whether you are in that office chair at home or at work… Our body isn’t built […]
8th October 2014

Back Pain Choices

Back pain can really make your life miserable and preoccupy every thought in a busy life. The medications are fantastic for pain relief but this is […]
9th September 2014

Change your experience of pain

Are you searching for a gentle way to change your experience of pain? The Bowen Technique is a non-invasive and established approach to you as a […]
28th April 2014

Time to spring forward

Over a quarter of the year has passed, nearly four months have flown by. Those days have just disappeared, gone forever, no getting them back. Did […]
15th February 2013
Older lady bending down while gardening

Avoid Gardening Aches & Pains

The gardening season is about to start and with it for many people the “achy back” season!   What can you do to prevent back ache? […]
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