20th April 2015

19 years of the Bowen Technique

Celebrating 19 Years of exploration and dedication in the Bowen Technique An emergency caesarian with my son Callum in 1996 brought me directly to the Bowen […]
18th February 2015

Running from angry hippos

Whilst watching a TV programme about safari holidays a number of years ago, I remember a safari guide describing how he had once been charged at […]
6th February 2015

Getting it with the Turkish Get Up

My blog prompter always starts with “what’s on your mind?” So I’m going to answer this. Who on earth invented this exercise ? I laughed all […]
3rd February 2015

Walking the Walk. Day 1.

Today I entered the world of corrective exercise as day ONE of movement to change commences. It has become clear that humans have established a pattern […]
12th December 2014

A Lesson Learned

I went to London the other week for a fitness seminar covering 10 Steps to a Healthier 2015… which we could all benefit from. A funny […]
18th November 2014

Why choose Massage therapy?

What Does Massage therapy treat and; What kind of conditions and injuries does Massage therapy treat? Massage therapy melts away stress and tension, relieving associated headaches […]
28th October 2014

Boot Camp & Cross Fit

I was recently asked the following question: You talk a lot about movement. Do you agree with boot camps/ cross fit as these are all movement […]
14th October 2014

Let’s Talk Shoulders

After attending a great neck and shoulder event at the Northern Integrative Health Practice (NIHP) in Durham recently, a lot of thoughts came rushing to my […]
10th October 2014

Considering Chronic Back Pain Surgery?

If you’re considering chronic back pain surgery you’ve most certainly stopped to ask yourself, “is surgery the best approach for chronic back pain? Last year, approximately […]
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