14th November 2018
Acupuncture at NIHP Durham

World Acupuncture Day

World Acupuncture Day – 15th November 2018 British acupuncturists urge GPs to embrace acupuncture GPs in the UK are being urged by the British Acupuncture Council […]
7th November 2018
Signs and symptoms of stress

Stress: The Signs, Symptoms & Self-help

Stress causes physical changes in your body designed to help you take on difficulties. But if you’re always stressed, your body stays on ‘high alert’ and […]
5th September 2017
NIHP Durham

Running & Effective Injury Prevention

Running & Effective Injury Prevention Did you know that relatively few runners actually run the distance of their half-marathon, or marathon, in preparation for their run? […]
24th April 2017
NIHP Durham

Self-care: Hand and Forearms Massage

Self-care: hand and forearms massage Gripping a steering wheel. Working a trackpad or mouse. Hovering over keyboards. And stoves. And laundry. You get it… We put […]
24th April 2017
NIHP Durham

Benefits of using an Ergonomic Mouse

Benefits of using an ergonomic mouse Computers are now a major part of our lives, with most of us using one daily and often for long […]
7th April 2017
NIHP Durham

Spring pledges for wellbeing

Spring is most definitely here, thank goodness. I’m not a lover of the winter months. I find them long and arduous, and the journey into NIHP […]
3rd April 2017
NIHP Durham

Tips to Boost your Health and Fitness

19th August 2016
NIHP Durham

Acupuncture for Back Pain

A study by the British Acupuncture Council has found that almost 80% of people suffer from back pain at some time. If you’re among them, one […]
18th December 2015

Tips to Avoid Overeating and feeling Bloated

The festive holidays are almost here! What I love the most during this holiday is family; the cosy and warm atmosphere and of course eating delicious food. How can we […]
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