21st March 2021

Chronic Pain – Part 2

People often say they feel trapped by the pain, confined by their body and what it can’t physically do, as well as confined emotionally. Sometimes unable […]
24th February 2021

Chronic Pain – Part 1

Chronic pain (or persistent pain) is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks, despite medication or treatment. You’ve probably heard of people who walk off […]
19th January 2021
Cutting salt without cutting flavour

Cutting Salt without Cutting Flavour

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Salt is tasty! There’s a reason it’s arguably the most popular flavour enhancer there is. But there’s also a […]
8th December 2020

10 Top Tips for Christmas Wellbeing

As 2020 has been such an awful year for us all, we still believe that Christmas wellbeing is achievable! Now is the perfect time to embrace […]
23rd October 2020
Mindfulness and Mental Health in Durham

Mindfulness and Mental Health

Today we are looking at what exactly mindfulness is, and how does it work for improving your mental health? Eight months on from the first lockdown […]
21st September 2020
Man with back pain sitting at a desk

Do you spend long periods sitting at a desk?

A comfortable workspace can help you feel your best. Give your sitting work area a makeover with this visual guide to office ergonomics. If you sit […]
18th August 2020
How to get good quality sleep

How To Get Good Quality Sleep

A whopping two thirds (67%) of UK adults suffer from disrupted sleep. And nearly a quarter (23%) manage no more than five hours a night. Your […]
24th July 2020
Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Best Foods for Healthy Skin

We all benefit from having healthy skin. When we think of how food affects our bodies, the major organs such as the heart, liver, and stomach […]
7th July 2020
Why you need to warm up before exercising

Warming Up Before Exercise

We’ve probably all skipped warming up before exercise, right? You may have even reasoned with avoiding it because you will ‘warm up during the exercise’. Or […]
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