7th October 2019
Man with back pain

Top 10 tips for a healthy back

Back pain can really make your life miserable and preoccupy every thought in a busy life. Medication is fantastic for pain relief but this is time […]
14th November 2018
Acupuncture at NIHP Durham

World Acupuncture Day

World Acupuncture Day – 15th November 2018 British acupuncturists urge GPs to embrace acupuncture GPs in the UK are being urged by the British Acupuncture Council […]
7th November 2018
Signs and symptoms of stress

Stress: The Signs, Symptoms & Self-help

Stress causes physical changes in your body designed to help you take on difficulties. But if you’re always stressed, your body stays on ‘high alert’ and […]
14th September 2018
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Durham

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a natural way to enhance your appearance without chemicals or surgery, helping to smooth out fine lines, soften wrinkles and stimulate collagen […]
13th September 2018
Hot Stone Massage Durham

Hot Stone Massage Durham

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply soothing massage combining the relaxing effects of hot natural stones with knot-busting deep tissue massage techniques, releasing muscle tension, improving […]
15th August 2018
NIHP Durham

Relief Receptionist/ Administrator

UPDATE: The closing date has passed and the position has now been filled. LOCATION: NIHP, Durham Road, Sacriston PAY/HOURS: £8.00 per hour. Relief/Ad-hoc post (zero hours […]
6th October 2017
NIHP Durham

FREE NHS Health Check

FREE NHS Health Check If you’re over 40, it is recommended that you have a health check every 5 years. A FREE NHS Health Check can […]
5th September 2017
NIHP Durham

Running & Effective Injury Prevention

Running & Effective Injury Prevention Did you know that relatively few runners actually run the distance of their half-marathon, or marathon, in preparation for their run? […]
18th August 2017
NIHP Durham

Janine Hall Sports Massage Therapist

Janine Hall – Sports Massage Therapist We are thrilled to introduce you to Janine Hall, your new Deep Tissue Sports Massage therapist at NIHP Durham. Sports […]
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